Is drinking alcohol good
(or bad) for your health?

You’ve heard wine — especially red wine — is good for heart health. But then researchers proclaimed alcohol consumption led to an increased risk of cancer. Then you read, people that drink no alcohol are at higher risk of disease than those who drink in moderation.

Now, a growing and consistent body of research shows social activity and friendship is a common underlying factor among people who live longer, healthier lives. And social drinking plays a significant role. Plus, drinking alcohol releases endorphins that make it easier for you to make friends. What gives?!

Easy Health Options® is conducting an urgent (and completely anonymous) poll. We want to know your opinion about alcohol consumption, its overall safety and whether you believe it improves or destroys your health?

The results of the poll will be available to you after you submit your vote and your answers are completely anonymous.

1) Do you consider alcohol healthy?

2) Did you know that both beer and wine contain healthy nutrients?

3) Do you agree that being more social leads to a longer life span (even if that includes drinking alcohol)?

4) What is your opinion on alcohol consumption?

5) How often do you drink alcohol?

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